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Tue Nov 2 16:37:38 CET 2004

On Tuesday, November 2, 2004, 4:12:18 PM, John wrote:

JC> Chris Lilley scripsit:

>> Actually it would be good to clarify which of these applies for 3066 as
>> well; it seems abundantly clear to me that a) applies but this has been
>> disputed.

JC> *bewilderment*

JC> What kind of funny stuff are these disputers smoking?  RFC 3066 plainly says:

>>    The syntax of this tag in ABNF [RFC 2234] is:
>>     Language-Tag = Primary-subtag *( "-" Subtag )
>>     Primary-subtag = 1*8ALPHA
>>     Subtag = 1*8(ALPHA / DIGIT)
>>    The productions ALPHA and DIGIT are imported from RFC 2234; they
>>    denote respectively the characters A to Z in upper or lower case and
>>    the digits from 0 to 9.  The character "-" is HYPHEN-MINUS (ABNF:
>>    %x2D).

JC> There aren't and can't be any non-ASCII characters in RFC 3066 language tags.

Right, that is my analysis also. However, it has been stated that
RFC3066 is advisory, and you can put any string you like as a value of
xml:lang. I think that is wrong too, and the XML spec clearly says
either an RFC3066(or successor) value, or "".

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