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On Tuesday, November 2, 2004, 7:20:43 AM, Martin wrote:

MD> At 03:23 04/09/11, Addison Phillips [wM] wrote:

MD> This is a short comment on the above draft, based on a thread
MD> that recently came up on www-tag at (see
MD> and

MD> Elliotte Harold
MD> mentioned that it may not be totally clear what kind of
MD> case equivalence is meant to be used for language tags.
MD> It would be good if the draft could explicitly say that
MD> this is case equivalence on US-ASCII in the straightforward
MD> way such that such as match a-z with A-Z.

MD> There are some other side tracks in that draft, such as
MD> the question of how non-US-ASCII language tags are case
MD> equivalent or not, which I think can safely be ignored.

Even better if it could distinguish between three cases and say which

a) all the data is un US-ASCII, so case folding is on US-ASCII only
b) the data allows characters beyond US-ASCII, Unicode case folding
rules are used
c) the data allows characters beyond US-ASCII, ASCII parts are case
folded and non-ASCII parts are not.

If option c) applies, and i hope t does not, please indicate any impact
of locale settings (eg case folding of I in a turkish locale, etc)

Actually it would be good to clarify which of these applies for 3066 as
well; it seems abundantly clear to me that a) applies but this has been

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