New draft submitted of 3066bis...

Martin Duerst duerst at
Tue Nov 2 07:20:43 CET 2004

At 03:23 04/09/11, Addison Phillips [wM] wrote:

This is a short comment on the above draft, based on a thread
that recently came up on www-tag at (see and

Elliotte Harold
mentioned that it may not be totally clear what kind of
case equivalence is meant to be used for language tags.
It would be good if the draft could explicitly say that
this is case equivalence on US-ASCII in the straightforward
way such that such as match a-z with A-Z.

There are some other side tracks in that draft, such as
the question of how non-US-ASCII language tags are case
equivalent or not, which I think can safely be ignored.

Regards,    Martin.

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