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Mon Jul 12 22:38:42 CEST 2004

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> This is a good point, Michael. 3066bis does allow for tags in the
> that would cover your requirements. The only problem is the syntax,
not the
> semantics. sgn-BR works fine, since it is <lang>-<region>, but
> doesn't, since it is <lang>-<region>-<lang>. So it is grandfathered
> So let's consider what we would do with a new tag such as "Spanish
> Language as used in Canada". There are quite a few possibilities that
> be valid, and we could discuss which would be the best pattern. Some
of them
> are:
> 1. Register a language subtag 'sgnes'

IMO this is *far* preferable to creating a composite tag using "sgn".

> 2. "sgn" is in an interesting way much like a script, and encoding a
> value 'Sign' would permit a wide variety of usages without *any*
> registration required, like ms-Sign-TH (Malay Sign Language as used in
> Thailand).

No, I flatly reject this. "sgn" is not at all like a script. Encoding
'Sign' in ISO 15924 would be a *huge* mistake. I repeat, a *huge*

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