Language Identifier List up for comments

Martin Duerst duerst at
Mon Dec 20 09:05:12 CET 2004

At 21:55 04/12/17, John Cowan wrote:
 >Martin Duerst scripsit:
 >> - I think there has been enough cross-posting. I suggest we all
 >>   limit further posts to ietf-languages at
 >>   Please direct followups only to that list.
 >If anything, I think the interest and expertise exist mainly on
 >www-international.  From the point of view of ietf-languags, these tags
 >are all valid, period; "best practice" is not as central a concern
 >there.  (I know this because my attempts to get the list reviewed by
 >ietf-languages have always gone nowhere, whereas this attempt is getting
 >lots of review.)

That would be fine with me.

Regards,    Martin. 

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