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Martin Duerst duerst at
Mon Dec 20 09:04:47 CET 2004

At 02:15 04/12/18, John Cowan wrote:
 >Mark Davis scripsit:
 >> First, best to always use region instead of 'country'. Many of the regions
 >> are not countries, and some people get miffed about it.
 >In the RFC 3066 regime, the supranational regions aren't yet available, only
 >the UNSD countries.  Some of these are not sovereign states, true, but
 >"country" is the best cover term for them.  "Region" suggests not only
 >supranational regions, but also infranational ones like states/provinces
 >or other subdivisions like "the Mid-Atlantic States".

I agree with John here. If necessary for political correctness,
use 'countries and regions'. Average people will be confused
when they see lots of countries, but the heading 'region' only.

Regards,    Martin. 

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