ja-Hani and ja-Kana ?

Mark Davis mark.davis at jtcsv.com
Wed Nov 26 16:56:13 CET 2003

> "Hani" is "Han ideographs"
> "Hira" is "Hiragana"
> "Hrkt" is "alias for Hiragana + Katakana"
> "Kana" is "Katakana".
> "Jpan" is "alias for Han + Hiragana + Katakana"

>  I am not sure those aliases will survive.

I assume that you are only referring to Hrkt and Jpan, and not the other codes.
Certain codes are already present in 3066:

Arab, Cyrl, Latn,
plus new ones Hans, Hant

Many other codes have been used in Unicode since 2002, see

sc ; Hani      ; Han
sc ; Hira      ; Hiragana
sc ; Kana      ; Katakana

As I say, I trust you are only referring to the aliases Hrkt and Jpan, not the
other codes. Ther was never any indication that any codes would be arbitrarily
changed out from under us. If they are changed, but don't collide then we can
provide aliases. If they collide, then we will have to decouple from ISO 15924
for those codes.

In addition, we will, I believe, also very soon need Hrkt: as of the February
meeting. I know that you are not responsible for the unconscionable delay in the
publication of 15924 by ISO, but too many things are beginning to depend on
15924 to change any existing codes at this point -- unless, of course, you want
the same reputation for instability that the other ISO registration authorities

► शिष्यादिच्छेत्पराजयम् ◄

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> At 10:00 +0000 2003-11-26, Misha Wolf wrote:
> >I've been asked to come up with a way of flagging separate
> >Kanji and Katakana fields in our databases.  Looking at an
> >old draft of ISO 15924, I found "Hani" and "Kana".  Are
> >these still correct?  And would ja-Hani and ja-Kana be
> >correct uses?
> In the current UNPUBLISHED DRAFT
> "Hani" is "Han ideographs"
> "Hira" is "Hiragana"
> "Hrkt" is "alias for Hiragana + Katakana"
> "Kana" is "Katakana".
> "Jpan" is "alias for Han + Hiragana + Katakana"
> "Is" means "probably will be published" since we still wait for the
> standard to be published. The RA will have some discussion about the
> list before it goes live. I am not sure those aliases will survive.
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