KeldJørnSimonsen keld at
Fri May 23 03:09:58 CEST 2003

On Thu, May 22, 2003 at 03:04:33PM -0700, Mark Davis wrote:
> This is extremely frustrating.
> The distinctions among writing systems is absolutely crucial for
> software. It may not make much difference to you personally whether
> Chinese is written in simplified or traditional form, but I assure you
> that it makes a huge difference to a great many people.
> This distinction is inconceivably more important than the distinction
> between "de", "de-1901", and "de-1996", which *are* simply differences
> in written form and *were* registered. It is hard for me to think of
> any rational reason for registering these minor written variants
> (*much* less important than the difference between simplified and
> traditional), and not registering the two variants of Chinese. (Cf.
> Can you confirm that this is your decision as registrar, to deny these
> registrations? If it is, then we have little choice but to appeal
> according to and

I only had problems with sr-cyrl not the rest, which I either do not
have sufficient expertise on, or think they are OK. 
Why not proceed with registering the ones that are in no dispute?

best regards

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