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I agree with Francois and find the attention to defaults misplaced. 

Existing software will recognize sr as either script. Once a more specific
script name is adopted, there is no way to know which applications treat sr as
the default, or as both. In the case of yi-latn, it was rare enough that it
wasn't a problem. For languages where there is a debate as to which script is
the default, then that seems to me to be reason enough to create a specific a
tag for each and let the language tag continue to mean either. i.e. to be a
range as 2.5 indicates.

I don't think much is gained by changing the meaning of an existing tag to
save creating one new tag. But there is a loss.


Francois Yergeau wrote:
> Keld Jørn Simonsen wrote:
> > It is my understanding that sr is normally written in Cyrillic, so
> > this language registration is superflouous, IMHO
> Regardless of whether Cyrillic is the default script for Serbian, this
> registration is not superfluous, IMHO.  It is necessary to have it so that
> one can express queries for content in Serbian using "sr" and content in
> Serbian written in Cyrillic using "sr-Cyrl".  Not having a specific tag for
> Cyrillic makes it impossible to use this feature (Language-range, section
> 2.5) of RFC 3066.
> Regardless of whether Cyrillic is the default script for Serbian, it is
> quite clear that it is widely written in both Cyrillic and Latin.  The
> capability to query independently of script is therefore important and is
> not available if "sr" is taken to mean "Serbian in Cyrillic script".
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> François Yergeau
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