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Thu May 22 23:58:15 CEST 2003

Dear Michael

I've held off commenting for some time, but I am unable to restrain
myself any longer.

In message <p05111b26baf2de930232@[]> Michael Everson writes:

> Right now I feel that we have NO consensus, and I feel very uneasy
> about whether these conflations are "language tags" or not. Perhaps I 
> am wrong,

You are wrong

> but something feels wrong about this.

We need _Better_ things than hunches.

If there's a good reason to do something, (or not to do something)
rather than just a feeling, then do it (or don't do it) respectively.

Please allocate the requested tags.

If it ends up being problematic, then a way can be found to deprecate
it later.

I can't foresee any bad effects.

These requests are coming from highly respected people in the
Internet and computing world, with serious needs, and serious
requests, that they have specified their needs several times.

> I think we need to go back to Peter Edberg's contribution and sort
> out all the bugs before we do this.

What specific bugs? Or are we just down to
"what specific feelings" instead?

What specific problems can _you_ forsee with people using
both "sr" and "sr-cyrl"?

Never mind an academic analysis, and a further delay:
please supply the codes that people say they need.

I'm sure that those who request the tags you find contentious will
find ways to distinguish "sr" from "sr-cyrl" if it proves necessary.

There has been enough delay in my view - when were these requests
first posted?

> I suppose this will make me unpopular.

Not if you take the actions requested.

Best regards

John Clews

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