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At some point one has to draw a line. There are hundreds of novels
where people have made up words or used offbeat grammar; does each get
its own language tag? Alan Greenspan has a distinctive style of speech
and use of words; does that get its own language tag? And how about
en-US-TX-GWBush(noted for "nukuler", and the frequent use of
"evildoer" -- not often otherwise heard much outside of comic books)?

> ...
> As language tagging is an intrinsically Good Thing, the need for
tagging is
> probably self-evident....

Gumming up the registry with all possible idiolects is a Bad Thing.

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> > This is pointless, and off-topic, even though "1984" is one of my
> > top ten books, with lots of brilliant ideas in it.
> > To draw attention to newspeak, instead of requestig a language
tag, I
> > suggest that you make lots of links to relevant sites om your own
> > website, or persuade somebody else to do so - Google and other
> > engines will pick them up soon enough.
> >
> > I hope that the Language Tag Reviewer sends out a rejection notice
> > for newspeak as soon as is possible.
> In the interest of staying on topic, I will not be discussing web
> promotion techniques or personal literature preferences on this
list. My
> intention is not to draw any other attention to Newspeak than what
> required in order to have a tag registered for it.
> Since it is obvious that Newspeak has existed for 50+ years as a
variant of
> English - a variant with a grammar specific enough to cause
ambiguity if not
> tagged - I find it very difficult to understand why the request for
> registration should be rejected.
> Thor
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