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Mon Jun 2 11:03:21 CEST 2003

Thor Kottelin wrote on 06/02/2003 04:45:01 AM:

> Since it is obvious that Newspeak has existed for 50+ years as a variant
> English - a variant with a grammar specific enough to cause ambiguity if
> tagged - I find it very difficult to understand why the request for its
> registration should be rejected.

Reference to a fictitious variety called Newspeak with a smattering of
utterances (not unlike props in a set) have existed for 50+ years. This
request should be rejected unless it can be shown that there really is a
distinct variety involving more than a handful of expressions, that there
is a community of users that use this and that they have produced some body
of literature in it (or that linguists have transcribed data from that
community that needs to be documented).

Not every single variation in language usage needs its own tag.

- Peter

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