Thor Kottelin thor.kottelin at
Mon Jun 2 13:45:01 CEST 2003

> This is pointless, and off-topic, even though "1984" is one of my
> top ten books, with lots of brilliant ideas in it.

> To draw attention to newspeak, instead of requestig a language tag, I
> suggest that you make lots of links to relevant sites om your own
> website, or persuade somebody else to do so - Google and other search
> engines will pick them up soon enough.
> I hope that the Language Tag Reviewer sends out a rejection notice
> for newspeak as soon as is possible.

In the interest of staying on topic, I will not be discussing web site
promotion techniques or personal literature preferences on this list. My
intention is not to draw any other attention to Newspeak than what is
required in order to have a tag registered for it.

Since it is obvious that Newspeak has existed for 50+ years as a variant of
English - a variant with a grammar specific enough to cause ambiguity if not
tagged - I find it very difficult to understand why the request for its
registration should be rejected.


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