Martin Duerst duerst@w3.org
Fri, 31 May 2002 17:53:05 +0900

At 20:00 02/05/30 -0600, Sean M. Burke wrote:
>At 09:38 2002-05-31 +0900, Martin Duerst wrote:
>>1) Don't assume one or the other is the 'normal' form. Otherwise, it
>>    will be impossible to label things that are in Yiddish, but where
>>    you don't care (e.g. audio) or to request Yiddish independent of
>>    the script.
>I don't understand either part of this point.  I'm not debating them; I 
>just don't understand them.
>For the first point, how does taking "yi" to mean "generic Yiddish" (and 
>also assuming that that means Latin script -- altho that assumption is 
>probably  controversial) stop me from using "yi" to label an audio clip in 

Of course yi denotes 'generic' Yiddish. But the assumption that this means
Latin script is definitely controversial.

>For the second point, I think I can't quite picture your idea of HTTP 
>content negotiation.  If someone says they accept "yi", and they get 
>something in a generic and generally-comprehensible form of Yiddish, isn't 
>that proper?

Yes, it is. But I assume that some people want Hebrew Yiddish, some want
Latin Yiddish, and some don't care. Your setup wouldn't allow to
distinguish these three cases.

Regards,    Martin.