3-letter codes: LOCODES

A. Vine andrea.vine@sun.com
Tue, 26 Feb 2002 10:58:58 -0800


John Clews wrote:
> Note that also in Geneva, 3-letter LOCODES (location codes) have been
> developed as a de facto standard, maintained by the United Nations
> CEFACT office in Geneva, and that these are very widely used in
> e-business, especially where tracking of location data is used, and
> the ISO e-business committees are likely to be aware of the detail.
> The LOCODES also incorporate the 3-letter Airport codes. LOCODES are
> designed to be used in conjunction with the country codes.
> I don't have the relevant URL to hand, but if you do a Google or
> similar search on LOCODES and CEFACT you should be able to find
> further details.