3-letter codes: ISO, IOC, LOCODES

A. Vine andrea.vine@sun.com
Tue, 26 Feb 2002 10:55:14 -0800


John Clews wrote:

> 2. IOC
> In passing, note that the International Olympic Committee certainly
> used to have a reputation for not using the ISO 3-letter country
> codes, but using some of their own. Nobody forces them to use ISO
> codes, though it would help.
> I think that these IOC 3-letter codes are those that are used by TV
> broadcasters from Olympic games in scoreboards etc.
> I didn't bother to check out whether that still applies to IOC and TV
> usage this year.
> I also didn't check out what code was used by Romania this year or
> previous years in IOC/TV sistuations. Does anybody else know?