Searching for list co-moderator

Harald Tveit Alvestrand
Tue, 26 Feb 2002 09:57:35 +0100

I am running the ietf-languages list using Mailman.
Mailman holds spam and non-subscriber emails on a web page, from where one 
can approve, discard or reject it.

Mailman allows multiple administrators, who get notified when something is 

The list is also hit with occasional crossposting discussions - some of 
which are of enough interest to the list that the messages get approved.

I am currently the only moderator, which means that when I am busy, things 
get approved slowly; this can be confusing, since messages arrive quite far 
out of order.

If someone is willing to volunteer to help, I can send him the password to 
the relevant page. Previous acquaintance with Mailman is an advantage, but 
no requirement (it is easy).

Please respond in private email.