Proposal: Language code "de-DE-trad"

Michael Everson
Wed, 13 Feb 2002 23:17:43 +0000

At 16:51 -0500 2002-02-13, John Cowan wrote:

>The rule on sz is that it's now used only after a long vowel or
>diphthong, and where no consonant follows (not counting consonants
>from grammatical or derivational endings).  Thus dasz is now dass

This is the feature of the reform that irritates more than anything 
else. Of course, "dass" is pronounced exactly like "das" (just as 
English "that" and "that" are the same, and so there's no reason to 
spell it "dass" except to distinguish it artificially. And if you're 
going to do that, why remove one of the most common visual units 
"da=DF" in the whole language, which draws the eye clearly to 
subordinate clauses, and facilitates reading greatly?

>Second person pronouns are no longer capitalized in letters.

How sad.
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