Here comes the Yiddish

John Clews
Wed, 04 Dec 2002 15:59:03 GMT

In message <p05200a07ba13976e8bd7@[]> Michael Everson writes:
> At 11:07 +0000 2002-12-04, Jon Hanna wrote:
> >The problem isn't that 'one could conceivably express "Portuguese written in
> >the Arabic script"'. The problem is that currently, without registration,
> >one cannot. Yiddish in Hebrew, Yiddish in Roman, Portuguese in Arabic and
> >Old Irish in Ogham (one I'd personally like to see) should become encodable
> >in one fell swoop.
> This is what <script="Ogam"> tags are for. This is what ISO 15924 is 
> for. I don't understand why this isn't clear.

What's clear is that ISO 15924 does not yet exist as ISO 15924.

That provides limitations on its use.

What's not yet clear is what should be done about it.

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