Here comes the Yiddish

Jon Hanna
Mon, 2 Dec 2002 10:39:22 -0000

> Oh, come on.  What is this vast supply of languages written in more than
> one script?  The situation is rare.  Sanskrit might be the record-holder
> for max number of scripts, but I doubt if there are more than 25-35
> languages that are written in more than one script.
> Not a huge problem.

Just about all languages are written in other scripts occasionally,
primarily when the context is a portion of one language transcribed into the
language of a containing document.

If the ability to handle that situation is deemed desirable then a doing so
through the current mechanisms provided by RFC3066 will probably prove
impractical, or at the very least require a new convention for the tagging
that would require a revision to make official.