I approve the registration of de-DE-1901 (German, German variant, traditional orthography)

Michael Everson everson@evertype.com
Fri, 26 Apr 2002 18:56:30 +0100

As I saw it, Peter, it was clear that the temporal element was 
secondary to the identification of the language itself.

ga-IE-1927 (to take Dinneen's dictionary arbitrarily)
ga-IE-1959 (the Roman Caighde=E1n Oifigi=FAil)

and all the revisions of Nynorsk and Bokm=E5l, the primary element is 
the language itself and then the particular orthography.

It also seemed that HTTP content negotiation, and the 
well-established de-AT convention outweighed the other argument. Do 
people want to tag the dialect first or the orthograpy? The chief 
users appear to be already tagging dialects by selecting their 
calendar and keyboard preferences in their locales at system level, 
and subsequently pre- or post-1996 orthography in their applications. 
That's what I see. A reverse argument? Well, look, these were 
proposed long ago, and Torsten (the proposer) has said his 
application needs a solution soon. This could go back and forth for a 
long time.

I've approved them. If you protest, we can  put them on hold easily 
enough. Do you want to? I'm only the reviewer. What's been approved 
is suitable, in my view, but we can hold off for further discussion 
if you wish. But not forever.
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