I approve the registration of de-DE-1901 (German, Germanvariant, traditional orthography)

Martin Duerst duerst@w3.org
Sat, 27 Apr 2002 12:44:47 +0900

While I think Michael could have waited a day or two longer, I'm
glad he has made the step forward and ended the specific discussion.
I don't mind if there is some more general discussion, but I would
prefer not to have to continue the specific discussion.

At 18:56 02/04/26 +0100, Michael Everson wrote:
>Do people want to tag the dialect first or the orthograpy? The chief users 
>appear to be already tagging dialects by selecting their calendar and 
>keyboard preferences in their locales at system level, and subsequently 
>pre- or post-1996 orthography in their applications.

Please be very careful. There is a big distinction between "Standard German 
as used
in Switzerland" and "Swiss German Dialects". de-DE, de-AT, de-CH are correctly
called variants, not dialects.

Regards,    Martin.

>I've approved them. If you protest, we can  put them on hold easily 
>enough. Do you want to? I'm only the reviewer. What's been approved is 
>suitable, in my view, but we can hold off for further discussion if you 
>wish. But not forever.
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