I am a User's Machine

Jefsey jefsey at jefsey.com
Wed Aug 13 11:21:55 CEST 2014

John and all,

I am a dumb stupid user's machine. My job includes the IDNA functor. 
It consists in calling the ASCII DDDS system of the Internet DNS and 
get an IP address in return. The inputs I have in order to carry that 
job are strings that may come from:

- my keyboard (of any brand, language, standard, purpose, etc.).
- my optical reader (*)
- my files or direct applications outputs, usually coded in ISO 10646 
code points as proposed by its maintainer Unicode (**)

(*)   I must comply with the no astonishment taught, contracted, 
obvious principle, with some possible least astonishment I must 
reduce in this sole optical case.
(**)  The Unicode system is designed for the human real life, not for 
digital no astonishment. It tries to best support the three 
communicated information layers:
- data   : what I send.
- capta : what I receive.
- tracta : what I can infer from what I received and know.

Infradata are defined by the maximum entropic accepted information 
threshold. data = infradata + metadata + syllodata (data between data).
- I use infradata at the used keyboard entropic threshold.
- The DNS system uses infradata at ASCII lowercase entropic threshold
- IDNA forgets metadata and does not support syllodata.

Least error risk is obtained when the three communicated information 
layers are used at infradata level where they are equal.

There is no infradata script yet. Such a script would means no other 
identification characteristic than a unique sign/code/name trigram.

You are the engineers, I am only a user's machine. Please help.

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