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Wed Aug 13 19:27:33 CEST 2014

> Exactly, but a there's a somewhat popular<> site.  Users probably expect the sharp-s version to take them there.

> Which it does when I try it. If others get a different result this whole thing is really screwed.

Well, that’s likely because the browser developers are afraid of what the IDNA2008 change would do to that scenario and have implemented the transitional part of UTR#46.  If you followed pure IDNA2008, you could end up somewhere else.  I shouldn’t have randomized the other conversation with this.
However, IMO, the eszett and ss being unique or different aren’t really a problem.  (Changing the behavior is).  There are numerous ways to spell lots of things in lots of languages, so at some point registrars need to be smart and bundle (or block).  &/or browser manufacturers need to take other steps to prevent phishing … blacklists, certificates, etc…
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