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Alexey Melnikov alexey.melnikov at
Sun Mar 6 17:44:20 CET 2011

Patrik Fältström wrote:

Hi Patrick,
I can review the document and initiate IETF LC, but I will not be able 
to handle the document after that (because my AD term ends March 30th).

It might be worth having the document in IETF LC before Prague IETF though.

>I have once again changed the acknowledgement section. I have gone back to the discussion I have had with the IETF trust, and re-read all comments on this list (and off list) from various people.
>The final suggestion from me as an editor is the following. Reasoning for this is that it is very uncommon, if it has happened at all, that single individuals are pointed out as being in the rough part of the rough consensus. This mainly because it looks like if everyone else _strongly_ supports every single word in the document. A statement I can not stand behind as an editor.
>As an editor I can only say in this section a) who has helped, and b) that there was rough consensus behind the document.
>5.  Acknowledgements
>   The main contributors are (in alphabetical order) Eric Brunner-
>   Williams, Vint Cerf, Tina Dam, Martin Duerst, John Klensin, Mark
>   Davis, Pete Resnick, Markus Scherer, Andrew Sullivan, Kenneth
>   Whistler and Nicholas Williams.
>   Not all contributors believe the solution for the issues discussed in
>   this document is optimal.
>With this, I hereby ask the area director for this to be published as an RFC.
>Thanks everyone.
>   Patrik
Best Regards,

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