IDNA and Multilingual Internet issues and vocabulary after IDNA2008

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Sat Aug 20 01:30:33 CEST 2011

Dear Mr. Klensin,

"we" are Internet and IETF users. This makes a pretty large community. There
are three ways one can do it:

- in surviving with what we (do not) get. Very large part of our community.
- in hacking the internet from the outside on behalf of our right to protect
ourselves from digital ecosystem pollution risks. Small part of our
- in trying to cooperate with you guys and help your inside work with our
outside perspective. Microscopic part of our community. Guess why? Please
read the begining of your mail.

We do it because Jefsey convinced a few of us and the IETF Chair that it had
to be tried. However, if the inside Internet is made of individual's and
ISOC's copyrights and cannot even be discussed and helped, Jefsey will soon
be alone!

Please respond: the ball is your field. Tell me: are we wrong trying to work
in the open, liaise with the IETF and carry a lot of work to be able to
answer you, the happiana, the PRECIS, the VIP people in a consistant way,
also with other open works?

This being said you perfectly know that this

2011/8/19 John C Klensin <john-ietf at>

> without any specific
> attribution or acknowledgment.  Those materials include several
> RFCs and draft-ietf-appsawg-rfc3536bis.

is wrong. Your name, your RFCs etc. are quoted as such. We do not publish,
we try to draft a pertinent mail to you!

> I am an author or major
> contributor on several of those.  Especially since I had asked
> earlier that any compendium of this sort list terms covered in
> other documents, comment on them as you thought appropriate,

This is correct. But to respond to you, a lot of work must be carried.
Beginning with an enlarged scope to other intricate real needs you did not
consider yet.


BTW I am not French, I am Breton!
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