IDNA and Multilingual Internet issues and vocabulary after IDNA2008

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Fri Aug 19 22:38:22 CEST 2011

--On Friday, August 19, 2011 20:34 +0200 jean-michel bernier de
portzamparc <jmabdp at> wrote:

> IDNA2008 has introduced the need for post IDNA2008 protocol
> and technology adaptations in different areas. Several mailing
> lists are working on such adaptations. There is a need they
> know the others' targets and they use the same terminology
> with the same meaning.
> To that end we have compiled charters and drafts, terminology
> definitions and propositions from the different souces
> UNICODE, IUCG, IUTF, ALFA, IANA and Unicode. The file is

I'm sorry, but I've had enough of this.

I hesitate to admit that I have read far enough into that
document to have noticed, lest by doing so I add credibility to
it.  However, I observed that it contains rather large blocks of
text excerpted from other materials without any specific
attribution or acknowledgment.  Those materials include several
RFCs and draft-ietf-appsawg-rfc3536bis.  I am an author or major
contributor on several of those.  Especially since I had asked
earlier that any compendium of this sort list terms covered in
other documents, comment on them as you thought appropriate, but
incorporate the definitions themselves only by reference, this
appears to be a willful and deliberate violation of copyrights
held by the IETF Trust and of my copyrights.  The published IETF
Trust terms require explicit licenses for this type of reuse of
non-code elements of RFCs; these definitions are not code.
Those rules either apply to I-Ds as well or you need permission
from the I-D authors for non-IETF uses.  I, at least, have not
given that permission.  I believe the material on your web page
also infringes the copyrights of others, but they will have to
speak for themselves.

The Trustees of the IETF Trust and other rights-holders will
need to speak for themselves but, at least for materials in
which I have rights under relevant copyright law, please
consider this a request to take the document down and to do so

I also request that you supply addresses for IUCG, IUTF, ALFA,
and for yourself and any other individuals or organizations that
are included by reference in your use of "we" in the statement
"To that end we have compiled..." so that copyright holders who
believe that the document infringes their rights can have legal
documents delivered and served should they so desire.

Thank you.
   John Klensin

p.s. if this note falls into the hands of any attorneys with
appropriate credentials to practice intellectual property law in
France who would be interested in pursuing an action in this
matter for a portion of any proceeds (the balance to go to
charity) should contact me.

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