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Stéphane Lancel stelancel at gmail.com
Wed Apr 27 17:56:15 CEST 2011

Le 27 avril 2011 16:58, Andrew Sullivan <ajs at shinkuro.com> a écrit :

> I think you're wrong in two ways.

No problem. I try to understand.

   " But IDNA2008 depends on Unicode and its properties.  If Unicode changes
properties such that something moves from PVALID to something else",

is that not a change in Unicode, i.e. a new version ?

> We wanted to be Unicode-version independent, and so that strategy doesn't
> meet the goal.

Here I am lost.

> Second, I don't think "at character level not at codepoint level" is right.
>  We're dealing in code points.

Yes, and their properties change for the same character ?

S. Lancel
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