Harald Alvestrand harald at
Mon Nov 30 09:12:54 CET 2009

Shawn Steele wrote:
>> Long term, I don't want "" to have a ghost alias
>> "paß" that I can do nothing to stop people referring to -
>> or even detect that they refer to.
>> Mappings are, long term, a Bad Idea.
> But do you expect to have  (not quite the same, but it seems that some mappings are required).  Or, if it had diacritics, NFD form on user entry?  (Some machines prefer NFD, but I'd think you want all mac users to visit.)  
> Plus, all we'd have to do is make an A record or CNAME, pointing to your site anyway, or worst case a redirect :)
(thanks for changing the subject line, I forgot!)

I'm expecting to have input processing (including NFC and lower-casing). 
I'm expecting that input processing to give me a stable identifier.

Given that we sometimes display and use what comes back from the DNS, 
sometimes display and use what we send to the DNS (sometimes even in 
A-label form), and sometimes display and use what the user entered, what 
comes back from the DNS has some importance.

I don't want anything, anywhere, to suggest that I have registered three 
domains, one of which is "paß, another one is 
"" and a third one is "".

The zone file of is the only thing I have control over; if 
you want to register "" as  a CNAME to, I can't control that, but I *can* control whether or 
not there's something under "" pointing to it.


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