Mappings - some examples

Patrik Fältström patrik at
Mon Nov 30 14:12:13 CET 2009

On 30 nov 2009, at 13.47, Alexander Mayrhofer wrote:

>> (Never mind Möller and Moeller and Mœller. I guess this is 
>> nothing new.)
> Compared to the "ß" problem, this is something entirely different. There's no deployed code out there that maps Möller to Moeller in labels.
> I would be perfectly happy with the introduction of the "ß" if it would happen on greenfield. Unfortunately, "ß" is being built on a heavily contaminated brownfield.

Can you give evidence for this space being "heavily contaminated" by for example sending links to images on the web where the ß is in use in domain names?

My experience from Sweden is that uptake for use of for example 'ä' in domain names has just started although it has been possible to use for many years now (in the .SE TLD) and because of that my extrapolation of the situation is that it is not at all "heavily" contaminated. And that the change, although of course problematic, is very very similar to a normal sunrise for a registry, and a normal marketing campaign to the domain name holders.

So if 'ä' would have been mapped in IDNA2003, and I now would have been asked if I thought 'ä' should be introduced, I would say "go for it, but speed up!!!".

And regarding passports, I have 'ä' in my name (Fältström), but in the OCR:able code in the bottom of the passport, it is spelled FAELTSTROEM, so obviously some algorithm exist. And it is not the same all over the place as most airlines map to FALTSTROM. Have that created problems? Yes, but not as many as the fact I have a ':' in my name...THAT has been a real problem ;-)


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