Consensus Call on Latin Sharp S and Greek Final Sigma

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That is just a wrong vision on what is going on here. Nobody is asking or needing any delays or alibis. Everybody is working hard (some voluntarily) to make things work forward in a good and safe manner. Comments like the below are just a waste of time.

Tina Dam
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Since Rod Beckstrom announced the Internet has changed :

- Elisabeth says ICANN wants to delay gTLDs, to delay IDNgTLDs, to keep them as a pressure on ccTLDs for" Fast Track"
- "MY TRACK" starts testing : "run interplus and IDNAPLUS by yourself, free from ICANN, IETF and Google".
- Lisa gives ICANN an alibi to delay IDNgTLDs in questionning and delaying IDNA2008 : a test is needed. Hence with IDNccTLDs
- Andrew Sullivan introduces the progressive transition speed DNS
- Jefsey sends a mail saying that Michael Everson is perfectly right !!!
- Vint Cerf starts "Google Track"
- Elisabeth says she switched to Interplus concepts under BIND and she feel free, free, free and fast out of anyone's control.

Gee ! This is an hectic life!

What's next ?

2009/12/3 Elisabeth Blanconil <eblanconil at<mailto:eblanconil at>>
hi! Folks,

I roughly understand that all this is to keep this WG buzy for another year on IDNA, in destroying every agreement we painfully found. The target is to give some delays to ICANNN. So they can register new gTLDs but no IDNgTLD before every ccTLD has signed a contract with ICANN. It sounds reasonable and I am glad many participate.

To obtain it; it was just enough to restart again the boring issues. This is why I am surprised nobody thought to discuss TATWEEL yet. What is the technical difference between TATWELL's disputed consensus case and the eszett and the greek final sigma cases? Also what about French majuscules and other issues that we have started the list.

Elisabeth Blanconil

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