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Tue Dec 1 18:34:06 CET 2009

*Adrew Sullivan, Eric Brunner-Williams wrote:*
"Nobody is trying to make domain name labels into language (well, maybe
Jefsey's disciples are, but leave that aside), but we have to be realistic
and understand that the utility and ease of a given set of labels is going
to be heavily conditioned by the socio-linguistic background of the person."
"Unfortunately, to that set the persons who assert that labels formed from
characters taken from Arabic Script must be "words" must be added. So,
Jefsey's disciples and a plurality of a vendor's forum, and I'd greatly
prefer if it was just Jefsey's disciples."

Dear Colleagues,

I am surprised by this. I assumed the target was to assess the technical
consensus in accepting to characters as PVALID. No to discriminate a
consensus on people's opinions.

One. Nobody is someone else's disciple, however some are others' employees.
I suspect I qualify as a "Jefsey's disciple". I am not (we had a recent
fundamental dispute on a mailing list which would disqualify me). We are
Internet lead users (i.e. @larges), members of the iucg at mailing
list, French speaking people gathered by the poor IDNA support of our French
language orthotypography, we need to support our ".fra" project.

Two. This is no reason for "leaving them/us asside". They/we are equal
members of this WG and equal contributors to its work. Actually, we already
engaged work to stabilize its quick deployment trough best user practices
publications ( Look we start being upset by all the
dillatory blahblah. We want IDNA published ASAP, so we can build our own
open Internet usage solutions and clarify the ICANN's attitude.

Three. I am at real loss when I try to understand how we could really help
filling the gap between some IETF participants and real world users, when
the matter is non protocol issues. Where I am certainly a supporter of
Jefsey is in his efforts to help in this area. May be he is wrong, but I can
only note how Jefsey is "left aside" by this WG.

*Eric Brunner-Williams wrote:*
"I don't know of any other organized group of "label to non-label" advocates
attempting to change label semantics".

A part from billion people nations....

Anyway, I do know an organized group attempting to change the human
Actually, I am mainly interested in the only existing natural semantic
processor (i.e. the human brain): its I/O protocols are languages, its
syntax is orthotypographic. The Internet of the users?


Patrick Suger.
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