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Debbie Garside debbie at ictmarketing.co.uk
Fri May 2 20:06:45 CEST 2008


The tables for ISO 639-6 will become available when the standard is
published - by the end of June 2008.

You are correct wrt the use of ISO 639-6 and IDNs.  I am currently
developing software related to the writing systems encompassed within ISO
639-6 and UNICODE/ISO 10646.  I am more than sure this will prove useful for
Registrars in their bids to provide IDNs and the provision of "secure phish
free domains".

The final database of linguistic entities will number approximately 40,000+.
As you know, I have been working on this for the past 7 years.  I have yet
to do the analysis on the total number of writing systems the GeoLang Meta
Data Registry will encompass but it will cover at least every written
language contained within ISO 639-3.

I hope this answers your questions.

Apologies to those who feel this is off topic. I will not respond on this
topic further unless a request is received by other list members.

Debbie Garside
Editor ISO FDIS 639-6
Managing Director
GeoLang Ltd

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> At 18:58 02/05/2008, Debbie Garside wrote:
> >Hi John
> >Thanks for the insight into IETF procedures but I was merely
> going by
> >my experience of RFC's which never seem to be published within the
> >timescale originally set within the Charter.
> >
> >That said, I do take your point that we could amend in haste
> and regret
> >at leisure.  I just think that some sort of mechanism for updating
> >according to "Mark's 3" should be incorporated unless we can
> >realistically say that an RFC can be delivered within the timescales
> >you specify - in which case I would be happy.
> This problem of delays is important. I understand that ISO
> 639-6 FDIS will be published soon. Will it include, or will
> you put online by then, the tables you announced a few times
> over the years "for the end of the year". Actually, I do not
> want to tease you on this. And I am sure you have improved
> David's list a lot. But these compact codes could be used in
> some IDN related format to pass information on the
> particulars of the environment of an IDN and possibly help
> the current debate ?
> jfc

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