Changing DISALLOWED (was Re: Reserved general punctuation)

Vint Cerf vint at
Fri May 2 21:13:50 CEST 2008

please take this discussion off list JFC, Debbie


On May 2, 2008, at 1:23 PM, JFC Morfin wrote:

> At 18:58 02/05/2008, Debbie Garside wrote:
>> Hi John
>> Thanks for the insight into IETF procedures but I was merely going  
>> by my
>> experience of RFC's which never seem to be published within the  
>> timescale
>> originally set within the Charter.
>> That said, I do take your point that we could amend in haste and  
>> regret at
>> leisure.  I just think that some sort of mechanism for updating  
>> according to
>> "Mark's 3" should be incorporated unless we can realistically say  
>> that an
>> RFC can be delivered within the timescales you specify - in which  
>> case I
>> would be happy.
> This problem of delays is important. I understand that ISO 639-6  
> FDIS will be published soon. Will it include, or will you put  
> online by then, the tables you announced a few times over the years  
> "for the end of the year". Actually, I do not want to tease you on  
> this. And I am sure you have improved David's list a lot. But these  
> compact codes could be used in some IDN related format to pass  
> information on the particulars of the environment of an IDN and  
> possibly help the current debate ?
> jfc

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