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Wed Mar 26 20:09:08 CET 2008

The tables document isn't yet done, but to get an approximate picture, do
the following.

To compare IDNA2003 Input with IDNA2008

Go to

In Input A, put

In Input B, put

Hit Compare.

If you want detailed listing of differences, hit Only in A or Only in B,

If you want to compare IDNA2003 output (instead of input), change A to

If you want to see the IDNA2008 restricted to Unicode 3.2, add the following
before the last ] in B


On Wed, Mar 26, 2008 at 11:30 AM, Michael Everson <everson at>

> I'm really just trying to find out which characters in the Arabic
> block are "in" and which are "out". Just letters and diacritics.
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