Proposal for the charter

John C Klensin klensin at
Tue Mar 18 01:39:34 CET 2008

--On Monday, 17 March, 2008 21:33 +0100 Patrik Fältström
<patrik at> wrote:

>> Sorry, I don't get the point here. Are you telling me that we
>> don't   care
>> about what entries occur in DNS on lower levels besides those
>> of a TLD registry?
> What I am saying is that the policy the registry set will (and
> should) be a more limited set of combinations of Unicode
> Codepoints than what people can register on lower levels in
> the DNS hierarchy.

Actually, I would expect many enterprise-level (below, or well
below, the second-level registrations in TLD registries) to
adopt registration rules even more restrictive than those
adopted by the TLD registries.  Certainly that is the case
today, even with all-ASCII domains.   I think that would be A
Good Thing.  I do not believe that, other than possibly offering
some general guidance and suggestions, we should even try to
specify rules at that level.


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