Proposal for the charter

Patrik Fältström patrik at
Mon Mar 17 21:33:48 CET 2008

On 17 mar 2008, at 17.48, Marcos Sanz/Denic wrote:

>> as their policies to a large degree
>> will be where further restrictions on ability to register domain  
>> names
>> in the zones the registries manage can be policed. On lower levels in
>> the dns hierarchy, people will be able to register whatever  
>> codepoints
>> they want
> Sorry, I don't get the point here. Are you telling me that we don't  
> care
> about what entries occur in DNS on lower levels besides those of a TLD
> registry?

What I am saying is that the policy the registry set will (and should)  
be a more limited set of combinations of Unicode Codepoints than what  
people can register on lower levels in the DNS hierarchy.


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