Proposal for the charter

Marcos Sanz/Denic sanz at
Mon Mar 17 17:48:15 CET 2008


> I also want to point out that the registries will have a fundamental 
> role in the deployment of IDNs

No discussion on this one.

> as their policies to a large degree 
> will be where further restrictions on ability to register domain names 
> in the zones the registries manage can be policed. On lower levels in 
> the dns hierarchy, people will be able to register whatever codepoints 
> they want

Sorry, I don't get the point here. Are you telling me that we don't care 
about what entries occur in DNS on lower levels besides those of a TLD 

Not my opinion. People can certainly enter whatever bits they want in DNS, 
but this standard will define whether my personal blog be reached at 
http://mein-lieblingsbuchstabe-ist-ß or not.

Best regards,

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