Proposal for the charter

Marcos Sanz/Denic sanz at
Thu Mar 20 16:30:22 CET 2008


> > What I am saying is that the policy the registry set will (and
> > should) be a more limited set of combinations of Unicode
> > Codepoints than what people can register on lower levels in
> > the DNS hierarchy.

> Actually, I would expect many enterprise-level (below, or well
> below, the second-level registrations in TLD registries) to
> adopt registration rules even more restrictive than those
> adopted by the TLD registries.  Certainly that is the case
> today, even with all-ASCII domains.   I think that would be A
> Good Thing.  I do not believe that, other than possibly offering
> some general guidance and suggestions, we should even try to
> specify rules at that level.

And I do not think that we should try to specify rules that single out 
some levels of the DNS from any others. All levels of DNS are equal in 
front of IDNA.
Only for clarification, because I think that Patrik's comment could be 

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