prohibiting previously mapped and unmapped characters

Yoshiro YONEYA yone at
Thu Nov 30 18:06:38 CET 2006

On Wed, 29 Nov 2006 09:42:11 -0800 "Erik van der Poel" <erikv at> wrote:

> One of my concerns is that it may be too late to try to prohibit some
> of the characters that were previously permitted by rfcs 349[0-2],
> whether mapped or unmapped in the normalization and case-folding
> processes. One example that comes to mind is the full-width latin
> range U+FF01..5E and another is the cjk iteration mark U+3005.

There will be some sort of confusion for interpreting idnabis-tables 
document.  I feel some classes marked as "No" should be investigated 
deeply.  As pointed by Erik, for Japanese, compatible characters 
(full-width/half-width) in range of U+FF01..5E and U+FF65..9F should 
be noted as "available in input", and CJK symbols in range of U+3005..07 
should be noted as "available as IDNs".


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