2.16.840.1.101.3 - Computer Security Objects Register

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OID value: 2.16.840.1.101.3

OID description:
Information objects that convey information used to maintain the security of resources in computerized environments are known as Computer Security Objects (CSOs).  The Computer Security Objects Register (CSOR) specifies names that uniquely identify CSOs. These unique names are used to reference these objects in abstract specifications and during the negotiation of security services for a transaction or application.  The CSOR is also a repository of parameters associated with the registered objects.

The CSOR is currently registering Security Label, Information Object Security Program, and Public Key Infrastructure objects.  New registration branches and their object-specific requirements will be defined as the need arises.

The website given below provides access to information about the registered OIDs under this arc.

This pointer was sent to me by Paul Moniz <moniz_paul at bah.com>

URL for further info: http://csrc.nist.gov/csor/

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