2.16 - Joint assignments by country

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OID value: 2.16

OID description:
2.16 (and 2.17) are assigned in ISO/IEC 9834-1. This is a common text document that is also X.660, so look there for the full stuff.

2.16 is joint(2) country(16) country-name(n), where n is the iso 3166 3-digit numeric. This makes them effectively equivalent to 1.2 - except there may be differences in who administers them

According to Cherry Tom of AT&T (ctom at attmail.com), who is Chairperson of the USA Registration Authority Committee (USA RAC): "The decision to use the 2.16.840 was made because the OSI registration authority standard is a joint ITU-T and ISO standard, and the "2" indicates joint itu-t-iso. Also it makes more sense to have a common registration authority for a given country than to have one each as the country member of ITU and the member body of ISO."

According to the registry of arcs under 2, the relevant project numbers are ISO JTC and ITU-T Q.23/VII, with responsible persons being B. M. Wood and C. E. Young.
The title of Q23 is "Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) Transport and Network Layers according to the ITU SGVII question list.

The maintenance agency for ISO 3166, which hands out the numeric codes under this arc, is

   ISO 3166 Maintenance Agency
   DIN Burggrafenstrasse 6
   D-1000 Berlin 30
   phone: +49 30 26010
   Fax:   +49 30 2601231

The numeric codes assigned are not published on the Web by the maintenance agency, but are published in numerous places on the Web including a Berlin university.

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