1.2 - ISO member body

The numbers under this arc are assigned according to a numbering scheme for countries, and administered by the ISO member in each country.

This branch has been depreciated in favor of the joint ISO/CCITT arc 2.16; see this for more information.

The maintenance agency for ISO 3166, which hands out the numeric codes under this arc, is

   ISO 3166 Maintenance Agency
   DIN Burggrafenstrasse 6
   D-1000 Berlin 30
   phone: +49 30 26010
   Fax:   +49 30 2601231

The same number space is used for IDIs in NSAP addresses (if you don't grok this, don't worry); some registration authorities are listed under http://www.fei.org.uk/fei/dcc-nsap.htm.

The numeric codes assigned are not published on the Web by the maintenance agency, but are published in numerous places on the Web including a Berlin university.

See also the OID Repository website reference for 1.2

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