2.16.840.1 - US company arc

Submitted by Harald.t.Alvestrand at uninett.no from host aun.uninett.no ( using a WWW entry form. Authorization gave nothing.

OID value: 2.16.840.1

OID description:
An arc under joint-ISO-CCITT(2) countries(16) USA(840) that indexes company numbers.

According to Cherry Tom, Chairperson of the USA Registration Authority Committee (USA RAC), "2.16.840.1 indicates the organization path. A given company would have a number 2.16.840.1.nnnnnn where nnnnnn is sequentially chosen. The original starting point for assignment of numbers was chosen to be a particular arbitrary number so that no one company would obtain a number such as "1", or "2"."

Michelle Maas (mmaas at ansi.org) can provide information on registration procedures and enquiry information; some registrations are confidential, listings for others can be provided (for a fee). There is no on-line repository.

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