The MHSNEWS mailing list

The MHSNEWS mailing list is open to anyone who is interested in the CCITT X.400 (MHS) message handling protocols, subject to some restrictions.
The conference/mailing list can discuss such things as how to understand and interpret the MHS recommendations, how to map between other mail systems and mail network features and the MHS structure etc.

The list is gatewayed bidirectionally with the USENET newsgroup comp.protocols.iso.x400; it is therefore impossible to know how many people read the list.

Archives of the list (in a very badly maintained format) are available at


At the moment, the list is being maintained using Majordomo.
To subscribe:
Send a message to with the BODY of the message containing
subscribe mhsnews
To unsubscribe:
Send a message to with the BODY of the message containing
unsubscribe mhsnews
To contact the owner:
Send mail to
It is my intention that mail to should work the same way as majordomo, but it doesn't work quite right yet - it gives you back a canned message describing how to subscribe.

Submission: Send to, or post to comp.protocols.iso.x400

Responsible person: Harald Tveit Alvestrand <>

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