Banned addresses

Certain addresses are not allowed to subscribe to the mailing list.

This is done because they give me trouble; they either send bounce messages to the sender of messages rather to the list administrator (dumping the problem on someone who cannot do anything about it), or they reject some messages, but not others, giving me no clue as to whether the address is supposed to work or not.

I don't ban people because of inappropriate postsings; with an USENET gateway, this would be an exercise in futility!

The current list of bans includes:
Bounces to message sender, not list owner; includes very little information in bounce message (added Aug 10, 1995)
Uses a "vacation" program that replies to every message sent to him, not only new senders.
Uses an "autoregistration" feature that is buggy enough to be a royal pain in the neck because it routinely and randomly bounces messages with the error report "Autoregistration failed"
I will be happy to add these back in when the problem is solved, possibly by replacing the mail software used at these sites.
Last modified: Mon May 6 15:11:34 1996