Brian E Carpenter brian at
Sat Jun 28 21:57:39 CEST 2003

avri wrote:
> as i argued elsewhere, i think there are many people who have trouble
> with the process.  i have had heard many tales of woe about the process
> and about unfair treatment from WG chairs and ADs and how there was
> nothing
> to be done about it.  few of these have ever resulted in appeals.  does
> this
> mean they were all unfounded or all settled amicably later behind the
> scenes?  that is not what my anecdotal evidence leads me to believe.  i
> think
> in most cases those complaining are wrong, but without an easy and
> visibly fair
> way  for the complaint to made and brought to a conclusion, it remains
> a wound
> in the system and sometimes achieves greater significance then perhaps
> wbarranted.

People seem to be saying that the appeal process is too hard & intimidating
to use. Now if we fixed that, the implication is that there would be many
more appeals, which the IESG and IAB simply couldn't handle. So at the
risk of entering solution space, it may be that the need is for an appeals
mechanism which is separate from the IESG and IAB, and which is set up to
be easy to use.


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