on the issue of nomcom

avri avri at apocalypse.org
Fri Jun 27 11:40:33 CEST 2003

[i don't now what hat i am wearing on this one,
    chair of Nomcom WG
    co-chair of Problem WG]

Several people have made Nomcom an issue.

As chair of Nomcom WG with a charter that is quite definite in the
lack of a mandate to change the process in any fundamental
way, i do not believe that the problems people bring up can be
dealt with within the current charter.  For any problems that
are within that charter, the group is currently in last call
on draft-ietf-nomcom-rfc2727bis-05.txt  As WG chair of Nomcom
WG, it is my fond hope that we succeed in meeting the chartered
goals of that group and deliver this document to the IESG and
IETF membership for review in time for it to be used by the next

However, there may be more fundamental, more structural issues
with the way the IETF selects its leadership.  If so, it seems to
me there should be a statement in the Problem Statement to
that effect.

Is there a consensus that such a structural problem exists?

Is there a suggested, non solutionist,  wording for the problem
statement of that problem?


[CoI notice:  i have all sorts of possible conflicts of interest
on this topic, and any Problem WG chair issues will need to
be dealt with by Melinda. i did feel it necessary to say something
on this list about it.]

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