"trouble maker"

James Seng jseng at pobox.org.sg
Wed Jun 25 02:29:39 CEST 2003

> But there was consensus in favor of OPT IN, the chair decided to abuse his
> position and ignore it subsituting his own opinion. Read the WG mailing
> lists.

As I said, if you feel the wg chairs is wrong in the determination of 
the rough consensus, then you should appeal. The process to do so is 
stated in RFC 2026 Section 6.5.

> I'd rather take my appeal to the market, fork the spec and tell 
> the press the reason why. Or given the fact that the IETF has
> abdicated responsibility in this area take a completely fresh
> DNS Security propoal to an open and democratic forum.
 > The IETF can choose to endorse arbitrary and partisan decision
 > making and even endorse a broken spec if it chooses, but don't
 > think the world is obliged to accept the resulting decision.

It is your choice not to appeal and it is within your rights.

But this does not means there is a problem with IETF nor could I agree 
with your conclusion. How could there be a problem if you have not put 
it to a test?

-James Seng

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