"trouble maker"

James Seng jseng at pobox.org.sg
Wed Jun 25 00:58:17 CEST 2003


As I said, i did not disagree with you.

I just dont think we should have wordings in the problem-statement with 
assumed solution.

What you describe below can go into the problem-process if there is 
agreement, if there is agreement that is the solution to this problem.

-James Seng

Dave Crocker wrote:
> James,
> JS> While I do not disagree a lot of what you said, I prefer Keith original
> JS> statement mainly because it does not assume any solution.
> Focusing on disruptive individuals assumes the problem.
> My point is that it is constructive to treat disruptive individuals as a
> symptom, rather than as a core problem.
> They are an especially painful symptom, but their effect is altered
> considerably by working group participant and chair resolve to make
> forward progress.
> Focus on the disruptive individuals and we will debate personal issues.
> We're not very good at that.
> Focus on the positive need to make forward progress, and we will solve
> multiple problems.
> d/
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